Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Networks

Best Coverage, Best Savings

Gain access to nationwide coverage and customizable networks focused on treating workplace injuries with our vast network offering.  Our network provides access to more than 750,000 medical professionals throughout the United States, including medical professionals that understand the complexities of work related injuries. These providers recognize the value of early intervention, medical treatment guidelines, and the importance of returning injured employees back to gainful and meaningful employment.

More Savings to You

We work with our customers to ensure that we have the right providers, and offer injured employees fast and easy access to the best medical care possible. And because we manage over $4 billion dollars in medical cost annually, we can negotiate competitive rates with our network providers and network partners — which drives more savings to you.

Superior Coverage

CareWorks Managed Care Services continually refines, updates and expands our network.  We encourage potential clients to run live data simulation through our network to experience the superior coverage and savings.

What We Offer
  • Superior technology delivers results
  • The Right Provider is Just a Click Away
  • Custom Network Solutions
  • Full Administrative Support and Service

CareWorks networks are tried and tested to guarantee ease of use coupled with access to up-to-date providers and results data. Our technology highlights include:

  • Electronic Data Interchanges
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Expertise at all levels
  • Real-time data
  • Search tools
  • Extensive reporting features

Our online easy-to-use provider search tool helps injured workers find the best care in the closest proximity with the most advantageous network discounts. Our search tool also includes look-up capabilities by name, location, zip code and specialty.

We continually vet and verify provider demographics to ensure accuracy of information and ease of access.

Clients can request a provider referral by email, phone or fax. When there is a question of which provider would be best for an injured worker, our case managers can provide complete, up-to-date information on each provider to help ensure that the best provider is selected.

CareWorks can create custom provider panels for each employer and each location.  These panels simplify your injured workers’ provider search process and support your efforts to give employees access to the most appropriate care. Your custom panels can narrow a listing of active providers by treatment type or geography, and can be readily available to workers in the event of injury.

Our goal is always to ensure our network meets our clients’ needs. If you find your employees need a specific doctor or treatment facility that isn’t in our network, you can nominate a provider to be added. Our Network Development staff will contact these providers on your behalf, and if they meet the required contracting criteria, will be included in the network.

Navigating the workers’ compensation process can be daunting, so our dedicated client services team is available to assist you.  When questions arise, our team can communicate with providers to help unravel complex issues with paperwork, questions about treatment plans or progress, negotiated rates or other issues.

Online, by email or toll-free, our network provides up-to-date access to one of the nation’s biggest and best networks of workers’ comp-focused medical providers.

Measuring our Value

Our network offering specializes in treating worker’s compensation patients and assures that your providers have been vetted and credentialed in their area of expertise.
We have spent years building our extensive national network of worker’s comp care specialists and we will help you find the appropriate provider to deliver the best care available in your location.
We deliver the highest level of customer service and support by creating for customers a certified panel of experts in their region from which they can choose the provider for their claim.

A truly effective managed care solution

Our comprehensive array of managed care services deliver the right results for our clients and their injured workers.

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